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Be SMART on social.

What's this The public housing supply within Wang Chau became talk-of-the-town last month. Mentions on social is instant and diverse. Swift response and live tracking on social are crucial within the golden 48 hours. Just by ONE click, FEW seconds, our Smart Hot Terms engine will help you distill the most frequently mentioned keywords out of BILLION of SOCIAL BIG DATA.

Smart Hot Terms

Discussion on forums and social media have become an integral part of digital marketing as comments and posts by netizens provide valuable insight on their preferences and ideals.

However, the social content volume is enormous like an ocean but our digital savvy partners want to only read the essentials. Similar to the filter function in Excel, K-matrix’s Smart Hot Terms is capable of sifting through comments and posts to find frequently mentioned keywords and provide a statistical count.

K-matrix’s system can turn these keywords into concise diagrams that provide insight on pressing issues or notable praises.

Hot Terms

Keywords mentioned related to Wang Chau project among media and social media platforms in Sept.

  • 26,000 times for 橫洲

  • 6,200times for 朱凱迪

  • 6,000 times for 梁振英

  • 4,500times for 摸底

  • 1,200times for 粒粒皆辛苦​

Comparison of two periods

Sept.1-19 From the start of Wang Chau discussion till before Leung Chun Ying’s press conference Main inclusions include 車場, 官地, 原居民, 張炳良, 姚松炎

Sept.20-30 Events that happened after Leung Chun Ying’s press conference till the end of the month Main difference from previous 鄺俊宇, 鄺神, 講大話, 曾俊華, 粒粒皆辛苦, 困難重重, 特權法


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