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Social PR Monitoring

Instant Tracking of viral issues in golden 48 hours
One influential mention on social media can help strengthen, which may as well destroy your brand reputation if a negative word-of-mouth message gets viral. With our LIVE big data listening to billions of social mentions, we signal you when the discussion activities spike beyond norm. By spotting KOLs and potentially threatening touchpoints, we equip management and PR team to have eagle eyes on the concerned viral issues.

Preventive & Predictive
Over the past decade, most companies who came to us were too late and had totally neglected the importance of Social PR Crisis Monitoring. Most partners did not engage with us on monitoring until a serious breakdown occured which often led to an irreversible damage on the e-reputation.

Wisely engage with us early to set up a workflow on Social PR Monitoring. From daily reports, customized KPIs to live access of social issue dashboard, you can quickly understand the status of your concerned issue in social media and better your decisions making.

Social PR Monitoring
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