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Social Listening & Analytics Tool

Social Analytics Tool

10 years, 10+ Billion of data

K-Matrix CI Analytics is the most comprehensive social media listening and analysis platform monitoring the most influential touch points in Greater China.

Big Social Data. Ten Seconds, One Summary.
Experienced in processing social big data since 2006 with live capturing of up to 10 million articles daily,  our CI Analytics platform equips you to listen, analyze and gather Consumer Insights from the social media content about your brand, competitors and market. 

User Friendly Dashboard
Automated slicing & dicing of social big data into meaningful facts and insights are all visualized in a secured cloud-based dashboard. K-Matrix CI Analytics empowers you to capture instant social perception, analyze trends and perform predictive measures on risks and opportunities on your concerned matters in social media landscape.

Live Data from Comprehensive Touchpoints
With over a decade of experience in capturing online mentions within the digital landscape of Greater China, we aggregate your most-wanted social media content from a wide spectrum of touchpoints - from Facebook, Weibo to the most influential forums & blogs such as, Discuss HK, Baby Kingdom,, Baidu Tieba etc. You are welcome to access our live database of up to 10 million of newly grasped daily social content antyime, anywhere.

Key Features

  • Real-time social topics / issues monitoring

  • Campaign performance tracking 

  • Sentiment analysis

  • KOL Identification

  • Automated email alerts 

  • Instant Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

  • Comprehensive 1-2 Page Reporting for Management

  • Deep-dive raw data export function for Data Analysts

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