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Market Research @Social

The power of  1+1>3. Traditional & Social Research
Having been long-term partners with globally renowned research houses, Nielsen, TNS, IPSOS etc, K-Matrix Market Research @Social team empowers you to fill the missing online research gap at a timely and cost effective manner. ​

Without a single questionnaire, a phone interview or a focus group, our social data analysts help corporations to discover unknown consumers' concerns, competitors' and overall market movement through LIVE listening on social media.

From 0-1. Swift & Comprehensive Understanding of the Market
Regardless of a few or hundreds of players in your market, our social data analysts will work hand-in-hand with you to define your research objectives, scopes, attributes and deliver the findings you need by smart  categorization and filtering of our aggregated billions of social big data. K-Matrix proprietary industrial benchmarks and KPIs are well adopted by multinational corporations for strategic planning and review.

Market Research
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