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How LUXURY BRANDS pave their ONLINE spread path in CHINA?

Every brand offers limited editions and yet, YSL stands out by far during the fall. Its new limited edition lipstick series, ‘Star Clash’ is notably getting viral online buzz in Greater China. There is no magic but the proper tracking and leveraging of Key Opinions Leaders (KOLs). Leveraging KOLs is an affordable marketing tactic in achieving online brand or product awareness. However, engaging a right KOL who is on-brand and with campaign effectiveness is becoming more and more tricky while tracking of up-and-coming KOLs are also challenging.

Digital Intelligence

Nowadays, everyone has a voice . ‘Key Opinion Leaders’ (KOLs) successfully grow an audience of followers and it gives them great influence on various topics.

Working with KOLs contributes to your marketing communications strategic framework. Therefore, it is necessary to identify KOLs who are influential.

We, K-Matrix, provide a SHARP ANALYSIS DIAGRAM – showing main media channels and prominent KOLs - to help you set up your KOLs engagement strategy. You can pick the MOST SUITABLE KOLs precisely and reach YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE easily.

YSL PRC Lipsticks Campaign

How can you identify MAIN KOLs accurately? K-Matrix’s Spread Path Graph Analysis.

• A Specific Event – Example: YSL PRC Lipsticks Campaign

• Different Colors with own username – Identify different levels of relationship and roles

• Clear & Efficient – Bigger bubbles, more response

• Region Coverage – China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan

• Tracking Media Channels – Weibo, Sina & Baidou Forums

Discussion Highlight

Competition between cosmetics brands to win sales during Christmas is fierce. This Christmas, YSL has introduced the Star Clash Edition.

Oct 18 In China, the news of the YSL Star Clash Edition Lipstick campaign has been widely disseminated through Wechat’s Moments, Weibo and forums.

The highest posts spread was recorded on Oct 19 which included 49,347 posts in total.

Netizens complimented the packaging of the Star Clash Edition; but since there is too much hype with this campaign, some felt a little tired of YSL.

Exposure & Mentioning Summary

Mentions related to YSL Star Clash Edition Lipstick in Oct among media and social media platforms are summarized as below,

  • 131,287 people have shared their opinions

  • 33,154 topics related to YSL 星辰

  • 154,342 posts related to YSL 星辰

  • 44 websites are coverage

  • 36,170,024 people have viewed the opinions


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