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Digital PR tactics like blogging, social media and email marketing

Digital PR Tactics for Success in 2023


The public relations landscape has evolved rapidly in the digital age. Media outreach is still critical for businesses, but digital channels are becoming increasingly important for building relationships with audiences. There are some top digital PR tactics that every brand should be implementing right now.




Consistent blog publishing is one of the best ways to demonstrate your brand as an industry thought leader. Blogs allow you to provide valuable, informative content to readers while subtly promoting your products and services. Make your blog a hub for all things related to your niche. Cover trends, how-to guides, case studies, interviews, and more.


Aim to publish at least once per week to keep readers engaged. Include relevant keywords and optimization to boost search engine rankings. Promote new posts across social media and in your email newsletter. Consider guest blogging on other high authority sites as well to gain backlinks and exposure. Monitor analytics to see which types of content and topics perform best.


Social Media


Creating a strong social media presence is non-negotiable in today's digital world. The top networks to consider are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube depending on your industry. Consistently share your blog posts, news, and other engaging multimedia content. Post a few times per day to keep your profiles active.


Leverage social media's commenting and sharing functions by interacting with followers and influencers in your space. Run contests and promotions to gain new followers. Monitor trends and hashtags in your niche to find opportunities to join relevant conversations. Consider social advertising to boost the reach of your best-performing posts. Analyze insights to refine your strategy over time.


Email Marketing


Besides your blog, an email list should be your most valuable asset. Collect email subscribers on your site with opt-ins. Respect people's privacy by only sending emails they actually choose to receive. Nurture new subscribers with a welcome series introducing your brand.


Send at least one informative email per week showcasing your blog posts, news, or other offers. Include links that drive readers back to your site. Keep copy concise and scannable for mobile. Test different subject lines and formats regularly. Monitor open and click rates closely to refine your strategy. Consider segmented lists for different personas. Maintain high subscriber retention through quality content they find valuable.


Public Relations Outreach


Traditional media should not be ignored even though digital is king. Identify top reporters, blogs, and publications in your field. Build relationships by connecting on social media, emailing relevant pitches, and providing interview availability.


When pitching, suggest specific story angles that would interest their audience. Back up claims with compelling data and insights. Follow up politely if your first attempt is ignored. Once published, promote coverage on your own channels and say thank you to reinforce your positive rapport. Stay up to date on your contacts' interests to keep pitching relevant opportunities.


Video Marketing


Video content sparks emotion and sticks in people's minds better than text or images alone. Maintain an active YouTube and/or company video hub. Create a mix of tutorials, interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, product demos, and more.


Promote new uploads on social media with eye-catching thumbnails. Consider partnering with influencers in your industry for guest appearances. Include transcriptions and captions for ADA compliance. Leverage YouTube's built-in analytics to refine your strategy based on viewer behavior. Don't forget to feature videos on your site as well for additional exposure.




In 2023 and beyond, these are some of the top digital PR tactics you should employ consistently. Integrate strategies across channels for maximum promotion. Continually refine your approach based on audience behaviors and interests by tracking relevant analytics. With patience and diligence, digital PR can pay huge dividends by amplifying your messaging and boosting qualified leads over time. Staying active across these platforms is key to maintaining presence and authority in your space.




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