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講不出聲.♪♫♬ 講不出聲.♪♫♬ ─ 貝字牆的聲音導航

一幅牆原來都可以有咁多精彩嘅字, 讓大家去解讀!

相信大家都聴過「責無旁貸」呢個詞語 ,「責」是指責任大家都知,咁「貸」又代表什麼 呢?原來 「貸」 是 有 '推卸' 嘅 意思 。

大家是否知道 「租賃」 嘅 「賃」 字發音跟 「妊娠」 嘅 「妊」字發音是相同的嗎? 在有邊讀邊的情況下, 「娠」字嘅發音又是否跟 「辰」 字相同呢?

連讀音都唔容易肯定,面對市場上每天過百萬條來自網民的討論,要詮釋當中每個帖子嘅語言含意,便要利用到有能力即時處理社交媒體上大數據的相關軟件。透過中國語言文字分析系統,k-matrix 助你在眾多討論的關鍵字當中,理解大眾對品牌的喜惡,從而制定達至成功的市場策略。想進一步理解,請即上

♪♫♬..Sound of Silence

─ A Sound Navigation from the Bui/bei (貝) Feature Wall!

You may be astonished at so many keywords featuring the radical bei/bui 「貝」for you to understand from one wall!

Some common keywords like 「貸」 in most situation it means lending money to someone else. Yet in the phrase of 「責無旁貸」, the keyword 「貸」 means 'transfer responsibility', and the whole phrase means you should not transfer your own responsibility to someone else.

Besides, we found some less common keywords like 「賃」which means leasing when used as a phrase :「租賃」. Its pronunciation is similar to another keyword 「妊」, which means pregnancy 「妊娠」when used as a phrase with 「娠」. However, many people still puzzling the correct pronunciation of 「娠」or 「妊娠」as a whole.

It may not be easy for you to get the right meaning or even the correct pronunciation of a certain keyword. It is even harder for you when you are facing over millions of posts for discussion from netizens every day.

To understand the sentiment of each post, we need to make use of our specialized software for real time processing of big data in social media.

Through our exclusive Chinese character linguistic analytic tool, k-matrix can help you to understand consumers’ sentiment from loads of discussions keywords. You are rest assured to understand public's’ opinions and sentiment on your brand; and to develop a successful marketing strategy for the brand. For further details, visit

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